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What Are Live Edge Desk Tops? Live edge desktops are desks with an untouched natural edge. The solid wood used to make the desk retained its natural shape. It was neither filed, cut, nor smoothed. A desk from a live edge slab emphasizes the tree’s rugged edges, bringing a rustic yet timeless look.   Several wood specie

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Live Edge Maple Sku# 19452


Straight Edge Cherry Top Sku# 21070-78


Straight Edge Hard Maple Top Sku# 21072-84


Straight Edge Curly Maple Top Sku# 21073-73


Live Edge Hackberry Set Sku# 21146S-104


Live Edge Walnut Sku# 21369-48


Live Edge Walnut Sku# 21370-48


Straight Edge White Oak Top Sku# 21433-75


Live Edge Butternut Sku# 21441-58


Live Edge Butternut Sku# 21442-51


Live Edge Butternut Sku# 21443-65


Live Edge Walnut Sku# 21486G-12


Live Edge Walnut Sku# 21492G-12


Live Edge Walnut Sku# 21495G-17


Live Edge Walnut Sku# 21497-23


Straight Edge Red Oak Top Sku# 21431-88