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What Is Live Edge Table Top? Live edge refers to the untouched and unaltered wood edges. That said, a live edge table top is not a typical table top with even and fine edges. Instead, it has a rugged, unbalanced natural edge. It retains the beauty of the tree it was cut from.   This kind of tabletop is unique and holds

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Live Edge Walnut Set Sku# 20972-84


Live Edge Walnut Set Sku# 20970-96


Live Edge Curly Walnut Set Sku# 20968J-54


Live Edge Curly Walnut Set Sku# 20967J-62


Live Edge Walnut Set Sku# 20965K-92


Live Edge Walnut Set SKU# 20942K-84


Live Edge Maple Sku# 19452


Live Edge Maple Sku# 19746


Live Edge Maple Sku# 19748


Live Edge Maple Sku# 19754S-39


Live Edge Maple Sku# 19755S-45


Live Edge Cherry Sku# T19828


Live Edge Maple Sku# T19829


Live Edge Sycamore Sku# 19909S-55


Live Edge Sycamore Sku# 19912S-56