Alderfer Lumber began in 1993 in response to the increasing demands of local landowners for an alternative method of harvesting trees. The landowners wanted to log a few trees without a lot of damage to existing timber. Capitalizing on this demand, owner and founder Randall Alderfer hitched up his team of horses and went to work.

Logging with horses proved to be a very marketable idea. Even though the horses aren’t being used today, they serve as an attraction to potential customers. Randall says, “I’m just another salesman until I start talking about how I started logging with horses. Then they’ll stop and listen. It gets their attention. A lot of the logging work we do now is a result of the reputation we established for doing quality work when we were still using the horses.”

In 1996 Randall’s brother John joined in the business and together they began manufacturing their logs into lumber. Soon they were getting requests for kiln-dried lumber and invested in their first dryer. Over the next two years 3 more dryers were added.  It is a huge plus that they can control the quality from the standing tree to the finished board.

Alderfer Lumber prides itself on catering to the needs of each specific customer, providing them with the best lumber for their project. Being a smaller company affords them the ability to do this. Randall says “We hate to tell a customer, no, we don’t have it. Its very satisfying to tell someone that the material that they could not find anywhere is available here.” Alderfer Lumber also provides custom and specialty services. No order is too small or too large. For more information, see the section Services.

Alderfer Lumber Co. is located in central Pennsylvania, a region home to some of the finest hardwoods available anywhere.  For more information, please call 570-539-2063 or click here to email us.